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Specific operation process of YouTube

2021-03-19 thirteen

Since 2005, YouTube has been growing at an alarming rate.By the end of 2020, YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly login users. There are a large number of wonderful videos on YouTube. It is not only a video platform, but also the world's second largest search engine after Google.Today, sintowseo will share with you how to operate the YouTube platform.

1、 YouTube account creation

Step 1: punch in and select "login account"

Step 2: if you have a Gmail account, you can log in. If you don't, you can select Create and log in after the creation is successful.

2、 Perfect information of YouTube channel

1. How to set the avatar and channel name?

Visit Google account center to set up: HTTPS: / / aboutme. Google. COM / U / 0 / # name

2. Channel banner picture add

Choose a photo that shows the strength of your enterprise as the channel banner, so that users can deepen the brand impression of the enterprise

3. Channel label settings

It is recommended to enter keywords related to their products and businesses, so that users can find you the first time when they search relevant enterprise channels on YouTube.

4. Brand logo watermark protection

Upload your corporate logo in PNG format to add watermarks to all videos in your channel.While protecting ownership, it can also play a role in brand promotion.

5. Link YouTube channels to your website

You can add card information to the uploaded video, guide viewers to click on the card and enter the enterprise website to learn more product details.

6. Link YouTube channels to your Google ads

After you associate the YouTube channel with your Google ads ad account, you can create YouTube ads in your Google ads account, promote your videos, and generate effect reports.

7. Link YouTube channels to your Google Analytics

You can integrate channels with Google Analytics to better understand users' access to the actual channel page.This is useful if you use multiple Google products and want to share data between associated accounts.

3、 Perfect information of YouTube channel

Creating a play list can classify videos, which is convenient for users to watch and understand better.When a user watches a video of yours, the system will automatically play the next video in the play list of the video at the end of viewing.If you do not create a play list, the system will automatically play videos related to other enterprise channels.

4、 Upload video to play list

5、 Optimize video

Keep in mind the following basic principles to optimize your video material

1. Picture + sound + subtitles are indispensable. 95% of YouTube ads are played with sound. Occasionally, when customers' mobile phones are silent, subtitles will convey your message.

2. Quickly display your logo and important information in the first 5 seconds, and attract the audience to stay before they press the "skip" button.

3. In order to adapt to the small screen of mobile phone, pictures and subtitles should be enlarged and placed in the center of the screen.

4. Call to action: at the beginning, middle and end of the advertisement, keep telling your audience what to do next.

5. Select a suitable font and unify the font throughout the video (b-end customers need to select professional fonts, and C-end customers need to choose fashionable fonts).

6. Make good use of short shots, shorten the video duration, and use short shots to constantly switch to attract the attention of the audience. It is better to keep the advertisement within 30 seconds, and try to avoid more than 1 minute of video.

In fact, no matter whether you have paid attention to or used youtube, it is undeniable that it is developing more and more rapidly. Many domestic we media people have opened channels on YouTube. For example, Li Ziqi is a YouTube blogger with more than 7 million fans, and the advertising revenue of videos is estimated to be more than 40 million.In addition to mainland users, Chinese video viewers also have audiences in Taiwan, Hong Kong, overseas Chinese, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other places, so the overall audience is very large. Today, with the increasing proportion of Internet video traffic, YouTube marketing is a trend and an opportunity.

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