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What are the factors that affect Google's ranking?

2020-12-16 fifteen

Google still dominates the global search engine.Google's ranking has the most direct impact on customer inquiries.So what are the factors that affect Google's ranking?Dalian sentuo Information Technology Co., Ltd. to answer for you!

Search engine is mainly divided into three steps: capture, collection and ranking. What is the basic principle of search engine?

Crawling: it's the process of crawling a website by Google spiders.It's the process that Google finds new or updated pages and adds them to Google.

Included: also known as "index", spider has visited the page and analyzed its content and stored it in Google index.Included pages can be displayed in Google's search results.


Ranking: inclusion does not mean that the website will immediately rank. Google will have an inspection period on the new website. During the inspection period, the website content is updated regularly and there is no malicious garbage outside the chain. After a period of time, Google will rank the website.


What are the basic requirements of Google evaluation website?

one : Mobile response is required

Data show that the habit of global users to browse the web has changed from PC to mobile, and Google has begun to gradually eliminate websites without mobile version.

two : SSL certificate required

Sites without SSL certificates will be considered unsafe by Google and will be blocked by Google.

three : page loading speed must be fast

Google recently began to pay more attention to the speed of page loading.Even more than "clean" code and excellent servers.

What are Google's ranking criteria?

H1 : try not to exceed 80 characters

URL Ideally, it is 3-4 words.The weight of the first word is higher than that of the second word, the weight of the second word is higher than that of the third word, and so on.

Meta Description: 80-129 characters are preferred.As you search, Google highlights the keywords you entered in the meta description of each URL that appears in the search results.It is recommended to use synonyms for the terms used in Google titles to write meta descriptions.

H2 : 70-80 characters are preferred.More detailed than H1, for example, H1 is adhesive tape, H2 can be transparent tape, 5cm transparent tape...

In addition, high quality original articles and original pictures can also improve the website ranking.

Google optimization suggestions

1: Pay attention to user behavior

Google attaches importance to the user behavior of the page, and putting high-quality content in the first place is a very good way to improve the ranking.She may not be beautiful, but the actual effect will be very good.:

2: Don't copy anything

Each page has different elements: title, meta description, H1 / H2Remember not to steal content from other websites.

3: Prevent over linking

Moderate outside the chain can increase the weight of the website, but can not be overused, should try to avoid a large number of links into a content.

4: Avoid too much advertising

If you put a lot of display ads on your website, it will increase the loading time of your website and directly affect the Google ranking of your website.

5: Link to Google related services

Connect the website to relevant services provided by Google, such as: Google Analytics / Google search consoleCreate to collect and analyze more relevant customer information.

Google's ranking rules are constantly changing. If you don't know how to improve the ranking through technical means, you can improve your website through professional companies and get more inquiries.

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