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The new media department took a one-day trip to shoot materials for the promotion project of sentuo & Tianpeng overseas station construction

2020-12-02 twenty-two

Dalian Tianpeng Food Co., Ltd., established in August 1994, is located in Fuzhou Town Industrial Park, Wafangdian City, covering an area of nearly 100000 square meters. The company uses the unique natural resources to process more than 30 kinds of products with horseradish, dried ladles, fruits, vegetables and edible fungi as the main raw materials, and sells them to Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea, as well as European and American countries such as the United States and Germany, with an annual foreign exchange of nearly 1000 yuanMillion dollars.

Sentuo has cooperated with Tianpeng for more than 7 years.Recently, the new media department of sentuo has shot the materials for "sentuo & Tianpeng overseas station construction promotion project".The new media department arrived at the customer's site early in the morning to start debugging the equipment.

        Start shooting the factory.

Start shooting the lab

A photographer who doesn't miss any details.

Start shooting in the processing room.

I want to bring back some of the products that the company shot

It was evening when the shooting ended.   

"Sentuo Tianpeng overseas station construction promotion project" shooting material one day trip successfully ended!

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