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What's the difference between minority language websites and minority language promotion?Why should Chinese enterprises promote multilingualism?

2020-09-23 nineteen

What is a small language website?

Small language website is to make product information into the corresponding language, in the form of web page display.Small language website is different from small language promotion, it is just a website, can not obtain customer resources, if customers do not know the address of enterprise small language website, it is basically difficult to find.Therefore, if we do not use small languages to promote and publicize the enterprise's website, no matter how good the enterprise's small language website is, it is difficult to become a mobile website to be found by customers, thus bringing traffic and obtaining customer resources.

What is multilingual promotion?

Multilingual promotion is the use of international languages to promote products and increase the coverage of advertising products. One language represents one group of people, and multiple languages represent multiple groups of people. The promotion of enterprise products in multiple languages can make more people understand it.In addition to English market, there are many small language markets in the global market, such as Russian, which is used in more than 10 countries in Eastern Europe and Spanish in more than 20 countries in South America.These markets occupy an increasingly important position in Global trade. Therefore, multilingual promotion is more and more important for foreign trade enterprises. By covering these key markets with multilingual promotion, enterprises will occupy the local market and obtain the global market.

What is small language promotion?

Minority language promotion is to develop the international market of these languages by using other languages besides English, such as French, Russian and Spanish.Small language promotion is to promote and publicize enterprise products in local language on the local search engine, do localized marketing, and deeply and accurately develop the local market.International markets such as Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East are difficult to develop in English, and the promotion of local small languages can make enterprises gain more profits.

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