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What are the advantages of small language promotion

2021-04-06 six

Small language promotion is much better than our simple English website. When doing overseas marketing promotion, many foreign trade enterprises only know how to build a single English website, which makes many buyers who don't understand English miss out on you and miss many opportunities for cooperation.Therefore, the promotion of small language websites will occupy a higher and higher position in the future competition.below, SINTOWSEO Let's introduce its advantages.

1. Increase the number of regional customers and improve the conversion rate: small language websites are aimed at users in multiple countries / regions, and will use their own language to attract the attention of buyers.

2. Get more traffic from search engines: search engines (such as Google) have localized subsites in multiple languages.Before using English to search for keywords, using local language to search keywords has more opportunities. The more languages a website uses, the more opportunities it will get from search engines.

3. Increase regional user-friendly experience: Multilingual websites will automatically create a language "comfort zone" that customers can visit, so that they can freely understand the website information, interact and inquire with the company.

4. Occupy the future market ahead of time: statistics show that there are still 4 billion people in the world who cannot access the Internet.In the next few years or decades, these people will undoubtedly bring huge business opportunities to the Internet industry.In order to make the website more popular, establishing a multilingual and high-quality website as soon as possible will make you a leader in the industry.

5. Improve customer confidence and corporate image: small language websites can leave a good impression on customers, bring good experience to customers, and increase their trust in you.We all know that once you get the trust of your customers, your business is half done.

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