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What are the Google algorithm updates in 2020

2021-01-25 four

Many changes have taken place in 2020, with people slowing down, paying less attention to business and turning more attention to families.Although the epidemic is rampant, the business still needs to continue, and so does SEO. We can see that Google has made a lot of algorithm updates in this year.From the core update, to the machine learning of Bert, the paragraph index, and the upcoming Google Page experience update and many unconfirmed changes, it shows that the speed of progress of Google search algorithm in 2020 will not be greatly affected.

Google in two thousand and twenty The first core update of the year was launched at the beginning of the year, namely two thousand and twenty year one Monthly core update, and two thousand and twenty year one month thirteen It will be launched on May 1.It usually takes two weeks for most core updates to be fully online, but Google said that one month sixteen Today, it's basically online.Just like all core updates, two thousand and twenty year one The monthly core update is very large and affects many websites.A few months later, Google launched another core update.At a time when many people began to speculate that Google might not release core updates during the outbreak, new updates were released.This core update is on two thousand and twenty year five month four Released on May 16.It took about two weeks on the two thousand and twenty year five month eighteen The launch was completed on July 1.This update is more than two thousand and twenty year one The month's update is bigger.In the next seven For a month, everything was silent for a while.And then in the two thousand and twenty year twelve month three Google released two thousand and twenty year twelve Monthly core update.This update was released after the Black Friday and online Monday shopping season, and we have twelve month four Japan and Japan twelve month ten I saw this update on June, and two thousand and twenty year twelve month sixteen The official launch was completed on July 1.According to some reports, this update is even better than two thousand and twenty year five Month's core update is bigger.

For 2021, we know that the Google Page experience update is coming in May.We know that paragraph index changes will soon be online.The mobile priority index not mentioned above will come into full force in March 2021. Technically, this is not a change in the ranking algorithm, but you may see a ranking change based on the index change.So we expect a lot of new changes in 2021.We also expect Google to continue to make progress in better understanding language and queries.It is expected that Google will continue to make more adjustments to its search to improve its relevance.In short, what we need to do is look forward to and embrace change, which is actually the essence of SEO.

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