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Why does keyword ranking fluctuate so much

2021-04-30 ten

Is there a kind of familiar picture feeling, wake up, dark circles have not receded, but the ranking has retreated, three times in my heart: what?!why?! how?!

The decline of ranking is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for each foreign trade website SEO personnel.

In fact, it is inevitable that the ranking of a website will fluctuate, and as the official Google reminds us, they will update the ranking algorithm every day.

Especially for a new site, Google has said that search engines may take up to a year to calculate the ranking of new sites.

In this period of time, search ranking is likely to appear some obvious fluctuations.This is normal, with the website to do right or wrong has no inevitable relationship.

In most cases, you don't know exactly why the rankings have changed.But when a keyword's ranking drops, you can make some good assumptions.

For example:

1. You don't weigh yourself every day, do you?

Anyone who's tried it knows that daily weight gain is counterproductive, and so does search engine rankings.

If you check your ranking every day (or if there is a problem in front of you, check it several times a day), you won't see your accuracy.

If you check the ranking too often, you will easily have an instinctive reaction and make temporary changes or adjustments in panic, which may damage your overall SEO strategy.

Editor's suggestion is to check the ranking at most once a week.Of course, it does not rule out that some websites may want to check the rankings more or less.

But for most sites, once a week can give you a good idea of how your rankings are going and whether your SEO efforts are really effective.

2. Rankings fluctuate due to fierce competition.

The more popular your keyword query, the more intense the competition, the site's ranking will have greater fluctuations.When the competition for a keyword query is fierce, Google usually grabs websites related to the keyword query more frequently.

At the same time, players are more likely to make frequent changes to their websites.For many highly competitive keyword queries, Google will have a "baby algorithms" algorithm to rank websites related to the topic.

When this happens, the ranking changes a lot.Going back to the beginning of the article, that situation may belong to a changing algorithm.

If you double check your rankings during a ranking update, it's a bit like weighing 10 times a day.It has no reference value for you.

3. Ranking is not the actual result.

Due to the different internet habits, environment and geographical location, the SERP you see is not the SERP I see.

Rankings are just an indicator of success, they are not the actual results in themselves.

And the real success comes from the metrics you need to track every day, such as sales, lead inquiries, email registrations or other indicators, rather than rankings.

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