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What channels are there for foreign trade enterprises to promote overseas?

2021-08-10 twelve

Affected by the global epidemic situation, many foreign trade enterprises are facing the risk of closing down and reducing production, but it also makes foreign trade enterprises realize the necessity of online marketing.

So, what are the channels of online marketing?Which effect is better?What should be paid attention to?

How to choose the right platform is a problem that foreign trade enterprises should consider. Sinowseo will share with you here.

1: Foreign social media marketing promotion: 

There are many social media abroad, such as Facebook, tiktok, twitter, LinkedIn, instagram, snapchat, pinterest, etc;This can be done.

It is suggested that popular social media should be covered first, public homepage should be built, keywords should be set and news should be published.

2: Google's competitive advertising campaign:

Google is a search engine with large traffic in the world. According to the method of Google bidding, it can quickly get the ranking of Google homepage, which is also one of the ways that many companies often choose

3: SEO optimization and improvement:

The natural optimization ranking of websites refers to ranking the websites of foreign trade companies to the front end of search engines according to technical methods. At this stage, Google, Bing and yandex (Russia) are strongly recommended,

Google, in particular, will have the opportunity to be seen and get in touch with foreign suppliers when they search for partners.

To optimize SEO, we must pay attention to the following key problems: the status of the collection, the structure of the website, the opening rate of the website, sitmap, TDK logo, ALT tag, H logo, inner chain optimization,

News section upgrade update, original content, external station drainage methods.

There must also be a way to select keywords. It's not just the keywords that the company thinks it is,

It depends on the general target customers' search habits and actual data information, and can also rely on some special tools of technical specialty.

4: Industry Forum:

Be able to use Google and other search engines to find relevant industry forums and publish articles in such community forums to achieve the goal of marketing promotion.

5: Email promotion:

We all know that foreigners rely on e-mail, so selecting reasonable customers and carrying out targeted and accurate e-mail promotion can also be used as one of the ways of overseas marketing.        

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