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How to build foreign trade station promotion?

2021-06-04 twelve

Since the epidemic, foreign trade enterprises are facing However, with the development of global social networks, the promotion of foreign trade websites has increased the opportunities for foreign trade enterprises to expose overseas and bring more inquiries to enterprises.So, how does foreign trade station promotion need to do?Let's take a look at the overall process.


1 Formulation of promotion strategy


one Determine the target customer group

two Determine the target flow and target inquiry

three Determine marketing methods and channels

four Determine the staffing and investment

five Choose the right service provider


2 Construction of foreign trade website


one The style of the website should conform to the aesthetics of overseas users in terms of font, design and typesetting.

two Excellent copywriting, no matter product text or other copywriting, should be able to stimulate users and stimulate their interest.

three Good user experience, regardless of website function, operation, vision and speed, should have good user experience.

four The website should conform to Google And other search engine optimization standards.


3 Access to effective traffic


After the website is built, the most important thing is to obtain traffic, generate inquiries, the following is suitable for foreign trade enterprises to obtain effective flow.

one SEO Traffic: divided into the main key words and long tail keywords, optimize the web page, increase the chain, regularly optimize the web page.

two Payment flow: Yes SEO A very good supplement, can be through advertising and other ways.

three Social media traffic: social media is an indispensable channel for the promotion of foreign trade websites Facebook Twitter Youtube Pinterest Linkedln Instagram Such as social media, affiliated enterprise website, accumulate fans and circle, whether it is B2B or B2C The foreign trade website, can obtain the effective flow very well.

four Blog Traffic: due to the limited content of the website itself, the enterprise blog as a supplement to the website can increase the website content, add more keywords and included pages.There are statistics, the website with enterprise blog has more traffic than the website without enterprise blog.


4 Improve inquiry conversion rate


Website traffic has, the next problem is how to turn traffic into inquiry.For the general foreign trade station, if you want to have thousands of traffic every day is unrealistic, then how to convert the limited flow to inquiry is very important.The site needs to have a corresponding Landing Page There is a clear Call to action High conversion rate function.


5 sale


There are no more than three steps to trade on the Internet "Flow - Inquiry - sales", every link is very important, the sales skills and professional level of sales staff is also the key to the transaction.From the perspective of network marketing, sales personnel should at least do the following aspects:

(1) There are different tactics and marketing strategies for different customers.

(2) For customers in different countries and regions, we should master the time and cultural habits of inquiry reply, so that customers can see and have interest in it.

three )For customer inquiries, there is the ability to expand information, some customer inquiries will not bring contact information, company information, etc., which requires the sales staff to be able to search for more information for the effective information on the inquiry, which can be used Google Linkedln Facebook Etc.


6 Data analysis


Through the above links, you can list the corresponding data measurement standards, such as Google Advertising, you can through the click through rate, customer distribution, grasp the specific spending situation, in order to analyze the marketing focus.We can also analyze the marketing strategy through the data of website hits and the source distribution of visited pages.


Nowadays, many industries are facing transformation. Affected by the epidemic situation, the traditional marketing mode needs to be changed, Google As a global search engine, it is a huge marketing platform, foreign trade websites are striving to be in Google Have a good ranking, in order to improve the flow, increase inquiries and orders, to gain overseas visibility.

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