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How to optimize the pictures of foreign trade website

2021-01-20 eight

1. In the ALT tag of the product image, the keyword is embedded, and the image attribute title setting is used. When the user passes the image with the mouse, the text prompt will appear.

2. The image code also has tags for SRC, width, height and title to fill in, and title is an illustration and an additional supplement to the picture, which is also very important.

3. Google's image search generally determines the content of the picture by analyzing the text around the picture, the picture title and other related elements on the page. We can add the description information containing keywords near the image, which can make the product image rank higher in the search engine.

4. Set the robots.txt file of the website to ensure that the image file can be captured by the search engine spider.Never use JavaScript to link image files.Because JavaScript links images, search engines can't retrieve your image documents.

5. For the meaningless images of SEO, we can prevent spiders from grabbing these images by setting the robots.txt file. 

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