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What are the key words optimization of foreign trade station construction promotion

2021-02-05 eight

SEO Optimization is a way to use search rules of search engines to improve the natural ranking of current websites in relevant search engines.Let's talk about it key word Classification and optimization techniques.

What are the key words

The words that users search for are called keywords, which can be divided into many categories

The first category, core Keywords: The core keyword is the theme of the website. It defines the key optimization object of the whole website, that is, what is the core of the website. These keywords are popular and relatively difficult to do.

Second, expand Keywords: Compared with core keywords, extended keywords can also be called auxiliary keywords. Generally, such keywords can be easily done.In addition to the core keywords, are expanding keywords, although this kind of words is not the core of the website, but also with this core keyword want to be associated.It is not recommended to put the words expanded from the core keywords on the home page.

The third category, long tail keywords: Long tail keywords are basically short sentence keywords without index, the flow of such words is very small, that is to say, such words have no effect?Answer is definitely not, some stationmaster just want to do the word of index high, eyesight is very high.The result can only be a failure.Long tail keywords to do, will also give you a good site traffic.

Key words optimization skills:

1. Keywords should be included in the title of the article or website.And keep the title short.2. If you can include keywords in the URL, you can choose to include keywords in the URL you visit.3. Article, website page, reasonable layout keywords, let the target keywords disperse to the target page.4. The main website structure tags, such as H1, H2, H3, should contain the target keywords in normal H1.5. The number of backlinks obtained by target keywords, and the more backlinks from the heart, the greater the role of keyword ranking.

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