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What is the difference between foreign trade B2B platform and overseas independent station?

2021-03-05 sixty-three

Overseas independent stations and foreign trade B2B platform is currently the most widely used way for Chinese export companies to promote their products overseas.Well, which of these two methods is better? Today we will analyze it from several aspects.


1: Flow area other

According to the data, Ali international station traffic through Google and other search engines account for 44.46% of the traffic. Although they have some own traffic, they are relatively limited. Their influence mostly comes from African and Southeast Asian countries. In Europe and the United States, their influence is very small, and the traffic conversion is very small, and it is always difficult to break away from the parent-child relationship of Google traffic.Therefore, Ali international station also needs to increase traffic through SEO or SEM advertising.However, due to the large number of peer suppliers on B2B platform, the amount of self owned traffic that can be brought to enterprises is very small. If enterprises want to stand out among many peer enterprises, they need a lot of advertising investment in the platform.

Independent foreign trade station and Like B2B platform, traffic comes from Google.As a global search engine giant, Google occupies nearly 75% of the global search market. There is no limit to the flow and foreign trade Once the traffic of independent station comes in, it is private domain traffic, which has continuity, small competition, high profit and strong controllability adopt SEO optimization to obtain the natural flow, keyword ranking, timeliness, and the weight of the website has a gradual precipitation accumulation


2: Influence difference

foreign trade On B2B platform Peers number many More, more competition, less opportunities Not conducive to brand promotion We are in a large scale By searching for "plastic bag" on B2B platform, more than 160000 product results can be found According to the data, Most buyers most Can see To the top of the list 10 Products, if your products rank low, there is no opportunity to get inquiries and orders Therefore, if enterprises want to expand their overseas brand influence, B2B platform is very unsuitable

Foreign trade independent station traffic source is many, in addition to the website SEO / SEM, combined with Facebook, lindelln, youtube, pinterest and other social media for content marketing, mutual drainage, can comprehensively expand the brand influence of enterprises.

It is very necessary to have our own official website of foreign trade. Foreign trade official website and enterprise email will make overseas customers trust more.and B2B shops are not popular in many overseas countries. They can't do business with a B2B shop Out Authoritative judgment also Foreign trade companies should have their own brands and independent foreign trade stations, instead of relying on third-party platforms.


3: Inquiry quality difference

Ali international station and other foreign trade platforms and independent foreign trade stations belong to B2B mode, but there is a big difference between them.

Ali international station from the information exchange platform to today, the internal rules often change, has become more and more tend to C-end development.

Now do Ali and other foreign trade platform enterprise more and more, because compete fierce Many enterprises All inquiries received are sent in groups Of As a result, the profit on orders is very low.

The foreign trade independent station obtains the inquiry through its own official website.Google as the world's largest search engine, foreign customers are basically through Google search related information, when customers search product keywords, remove the front page 4,5 ads, if the company's product ranking is relatively high, the frequency of appearing in front of customers will become higher, the competitiveness will naturally be much less, and the quality of inquiry will be much higher.


4: Risk differentiation

Due to foreign trade The flow pool of B2B platform itself is small, but the homogeneous products are relatively saturated.Enterprises are faced with the problem of more monks and less meat, and the enterprises that enter the platform in the early stage have established barriers, and the situation is even more severe for the small and medium-sized enterprises that have joined the platform.For B2B platform, the products with less traffic will indirectly affect the income of the whole platform. In order to increase the overall revenue of the platform, the platform traffic will naturally incline to the products and enterprises with more traffic, and the enterprises will face the risks brought by the changes of platform policies.

The independent foreign trade station belongs to the private official website of the enterprise, and it is the asset that the enterprise can completely control.After the precipitation of time, the energy and funds invested by enterprises will not only be transformed into natural flow, but also into the ability to obtain continuous flow.

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