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Several ways to improve the effect of Youtube Video Marketing

2021-04-15 five

In the world of content marketing, video is a very powerful tool.Video can let marketers visually capture the attention of customers to create strong emotional ties, thus improving brand participation, increasing potential customers and sales.In fact, according to the data, today's video has occupied the global consumer Internet traffic 80%! Another evidence that video is increasingly important is Google SERP The change of.How do digital marketers take advantage of the growing importance of video?Here are SINTOWSEO Several suggestions to improve your video marketing effect.

one Analysis of video library to understand current hot spots

Have you identified, prioritized, and optimized all videos?If not, you can start from the following three Steps to start.

Analysis of video indicators from YouTube , your website's Google Analytics account, or your video hosting provider.Find out which videos are viewed and which are not.

Second, analyze the video content and do keyword research to determine the optimization of different topics.

Third, analysis SERP , find the video that is displaying the relevant keyword phrase.

These videos become your first high priority videos SEO List.

By further optimizing the videos that have been shown in search results, you have the opportunity to drive additional brand awareness, qualified traffic and results.

Although this process requires a little time and effort, it can bring significant results.This kind of analysis can help you determine the priority of video optimization plan, and you can make corresponding improvement according to the plan.

two Identify content gaps

  Analyze popular search trends and compare them with your current video library.This can help you find the missing points in the video and develop new video content to make up for the content gap.For example, you may have a lot of videos related to your product, and you need to think about how customers search for your product.You can turn customer insight into actionable video content.This search query analysis can help you understand buyer needs and identify specific marketing opportunities.It allows you to find omissions in the current video library.Optimizing these newly developed videos will be very effective.

three Incorporate video into relevant network content

I suggest that marketers review the page views and analyze engagement metrics.Is there a chance to add videos to these content?Can this increase participation?Embedded video provides a rich experience and may stimulate the curiosity of visitors ...... So as to increase page views, website stay time and conversion rate.

four Search for the keywords that are most relevant to your service

Video content provides an expansion of your SEO Opportunities for focus.Instead of using the same keyword map on the site, take advantage of this opportunity to optimize for additional keywords in the video title and description.For example, videos usually focus on tutorials, implementation techniques ; that is " How to do it " Step.You can optimize the inclusion " course " or " skill " Target keyword phrases to expand you SEO Range.

five Add optimization link

Although this seems obvious, in fact, I often see this situation: the video does not link back to the website. It is important to add a link to the relevant website content in your video description, so that users can quickly and easily access other information on your website.Don't let potential users search for other information related to the video theme. You should provide direct links in the video description.Look at your competitors YouTube Channels and their live videos to see what kind of content they create and what keywords they're targeting.This may inspire ways to fill in gaps in the current content, or you may find new video ideas.

For example, you might learn that competitors are creating videos to show how their solutions are implemented in a specific industry.If this is part of your marketing strategy, if you have identified industry-specific keywords as your SEO As part of the plan, this might be a good idea for video expansion !

The objectives of the competition video assessment include :

Find out which videos rank your high priority keywords - In search results and YouTube Go ahead.

Analyze the video views of competitors and compare them with the video YouTube Compare the available time on.You can prioritize video topics based on market interest and popularity.

One step is to determine whether your video is related to this keyword or to this topic.

Once you have a good understanding of your competitors' videos, you can identify gaps, prioritize your videos, and reverse create a successful one SEO Strategy.

Marketers should understand their video library, analyze video visibility, identify content gaps, expand keyword focus, and add links to videos to promote website participation, guidance and sales.The importance of video marketing is growing, and these are some video optimization techniques.You can effectively highlight your brand and surpass your competitors through video marketing.

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