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Sinow is invited to train overseas network marketing skills for foreign trade enterprises

2020-11-13 thirteen

On November 10, sinow marketing director was invited to teach foreign trade enterprises the methods and skills of Google promotion, and guided foreign trade enterprises to quickly obtain overseas buyers' inquiry orders through Google promotion, expand overseas markets and strengthen their overseas reputation.

                                                           Sinow marketing director is giving lectures to foreign trade enterprises

After more than three hours of training, According to the feedback from foreign trade enterprises, Sinto marketing director put forward a new idea of Internet + overseas marketing for foreign trade enterprises, From how to find buyers overseas, grasp the overseas market trend, Google overseas promotion, ads to the whole overseas intelligent whole network marketing promotion, it opens a new concept of promotion and marketing for foreign trade enterprises, and at the request of enterprises, it shows the achievements of some cooperative customers of sintow under the overseas intelligent whole network marketing promotion.

After the course, enterprises have asked for further communication, hoping to do overseas intelligent network marketing promotion combined with the characteristics of enterprise products, further quickly obtain more overseas purchasers' inquiries, and improve the overseas influence and word-of-mouth of enterprises.

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