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What is the real long tail keyword

2021-02-24 nineteen

Long tail keyword refers to the keyword that is not the target keyword on the website, but is related to the target keyword, and can bring traffic. We call this kind of keyword long tail keyword.If you run the company SEO At work, you will evaluate the key words to determine which are the key points.Many professionals mistakenly believe that long tailed keywords are defined by the number of words used in a particular search query.But the idea is technically wrong.

Long tail keywords are usually divided into three forms: problem keywords, navigation keywords, and purchase keywords SINTOWSEO These three forms will be explained one by one.Simply from the literal sense, question keyword refers to the user who has a question and wants to turn to the search engine, hoping to find the most suitable answer through the search engine.Navigation keywords belong to a specific brand or website, such as Sina or Sogou. In recent years, the competition of these keywords is increasingly fierce, so it is usually difficult for ordinary people to do it. Navigation keywords are not only limited to the specific brand name of a website, but also can be the specific name of a product.In the process of website optimization, long tail keywords are an important part of website traffic. For general websites, brand words and target words are fixed, and the number is very small. If the website wants to get more traffic, it needs to mine a large number of long tail keywords.

Most of the searches people type into Google are specific and specific to what users want to find.Because of this, the search volume is usually much lower.The name comes down to the search requirements graph below.As can be seen from the diagram, the extremely long tail in the search demand graph represents these highly concentrated search queries, so there is the origin of the long tail keyword names.In recent years, in the SEO industry, the mining of long tail keywords has become the top priority of network marketing promotion, mining out some good long tail words can use the least cost, get the highest conversion rate, for network marketers, whether it is to do SEO or Baidu bidding advertising, the importance of keywords is self-evident, only choose good, right keywords, canMake our website optimization work twice the result with half the effort.

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