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What are KPIs and how to develop your advertising KPIs

2021-02-22 five

KPI, key performance indicator method (Key Performance Indicator KPI) It simplifies the evaluation of performance as the assessment of several key indicators, takes the key indicators as the evaluation criteria, and compares the staff's performance with the key indicators. To a certain extent, it can be said that it is an effective combination of the target management method and Pareto law.

Collecting and analyzing data can help you make better decisions and help you proactively identify and reverse trends.Most of the time, we think that the more data, the better, but sometimes too much data will cause some confusion.

Key indicators must meet SMART Principle: concreteness( Specific )Measurement (Measurable) Accessibility (Attainable) Reality (Realistic) Time limit (Time-based) 。 In our work, we often have such a dialogue with customers before: "we have done advertising before, but it has no effect." "excuse me, how do you evaluate the advertising effect?"Yes, customers must have their own advertising needs.But do you really know how to evaluate the effectiveness of your ads?What is the basis?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) It can help us directly find what is most important to our business through the appearance of these data.However, in upgrading the indicators to a complete set of KPI Before that, there are many factors to consider.And even after you've decided what to pass KPI To make your strategic decisions, but also through support indicators to ensure that your business is in the realization KPI On the track of the target.

Advertising demand in terms of professional terms is: advertising KIP Indicators.This is the key indicator used by enterprises to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising.It includes: exposure, website traffic, registration, phone calls, online consultation, offline ROI , online order quantity, etc.After all this talk, why should we set it KPI What about the indicators?The reason is that different enterprises, different products, different website operation modes and different promotion needs determine KIP Different settings.for instance, B2C Mall, their KPI Indicators can be online consultation volume, online order volume; game customer's KIP The indicator can be the number of website registrations.We will also set different stages according to the customer's product promotion cycle and seasonal changes KIP Indicators.

Understand the growth stage of your business.Understanding the maturity stage of your business and its current goals is the key to determining your KPI.

You can think about whether you are trying to build a stronger brand awareness or to get more conversions? Is your business sensitive to external factors such as market demand or seasonality? If you are a start-up and want to raise funds for a new consumer product through crowdsourcing, the return on advertising investment in front of potential supporters may be more than what you spend on the pageTime is more important.

In this way, we can pass well KPI To maximize the advertising effect.Having said all the above, I just want to tell you that when you want to promote through search advertising, you must have in-depth communication with our professional customer service specialist.Because only clear your promotion needs, we can carry out demand analysis and in-depth excavation, so that we can give the best solution to the specific needs, to achieve the purpose of meeting the needs.Except for the settings, of course KIP In addition to demand analysis, we should also provide a tool for effect evaluation and monitoring to track data.In this way, all operations and diagnosis can be based on.In other words, we need to speak with data.

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