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How to choose SEO optimization service company?

2020-11-10 twelve

Many foreign trade enterprises want to master how Google optimizes the charging standard and whether the sales market has high cost performance when looking for Google optimization outsourcing SEO service ? Today from three How to choose a good one SEO Service, help you sort out how Google optimizes the charging standard is effective !

I. the cost and cost of Google optimization

At present, there are more and more enterprises doing Google optimization in the market, and the price is also different.In order to better control the cost, some enterprises will use the method of white hat hackers to do Google optimization for customers, and the price will be relatively low.Many foreign trade companies see such a surprise price will have a sense of earning, can't wait to pay.But do not know, the white hat hacker method will let your website sink into the huge risk, once by Google Punishment, the previous capital investment has been wasted.

If you want a healthy white hat SEO Service, the price will be higher, but it will select accurate and traffic keywords for the company, and will continue to adjust and optimize the website page, and the website ranking will gradually improve


Second, master the service content optimized by Google

After clarifying the economic benefits of Google's optimized services, we must understand SEO Enterprises provide the main content of Google optimization services.

The main tips are as follows:

one Analysis of overseas target market demand

Each country's customs and cultural habits are different, that is, Google optimization is for better promotion, so it is necessary to conduct overseas target market demand analysis.

two Key words: scientific research

Keyword scientific research is a key step in Google optimization. After understanding the overseas sales market situation of customers, the integration of Google In order to identify the market competitiveness, business value and Google Search index, and then give customers better keyword optimization suggestions, in order to improve the economic benefits of customers.

three Website optimization

The website to do the whole site optimization is to better let all aspects of the foreign trade website more in line with Google Search engine specification, improve the customer experience of the website, in order to improve Google Ranking.It includes Website Title Description optimization, website connection optimization structure, keyword reasonable layout and so on.

4.SEO Content compilation

After carrying out the key words scientific research, according to the SEO Content marketing strategy, grab the overall target keyword ranking, let the brand and commodity exposure in front of overseas customers with demand, and carry out targeted marketing.

five Statistical analysis of traffic data

according to Google In addition, the analysis of the actual traffic of the website can be seen more intuitively in the analysis of the actual data of the website SEO achievements.And constantly adjust and improve.


3、 Identify the economic benefits of Google optimization

Before paying for Google's optimized services, enterprises should make clear what economic benefits they want to bring according to Google optimization. For start-up foreign trade enterprises, the natural flow generated by Google optimization can expose a new brand that has just stepped out of the country in foreign markets, and establish an Internet communication channel with customers.However, if traffic conversion is to be generated, it may take some time to accumulate, further improve the brand image and form a good reputation in the industry.

If it is a growing foreign trade company, after experiencing the start-up link, it has obtained long-term stable natural flow according to Google optimization, then it can try to do bidding promotion, so as to SEO and SEM Cooperate with each other to increase the strength of seizing the market again !

For companies with stable development trend and certain brand influence, they have been produced by various channels SEO Traffic, but if you want to be the industry leader, you must use Google optimization to make the industry word ranking of the website rush to Google home page ! In order to continue to attract all traffic, and long-term ranking in the top, to create a high threshold for competitors !

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