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How SEOER responds to changes in Google rules

2021-03-29 ten

The most critical part of online marketing for enterprises can be said to be search ranking.But no matter Baidu or Google, their own search ranking rules are strictly confidential, and the rule algorithm has been constantly updated.When a new update is released, SEOers will quickly make assumptions and adjust their optimization strategies to please Google.At the same time, the big guys behind the scenes of Google will also give huge hints about the update signs: "what should be given priority and what should not be considered."However, no matter how the Google rules algorithm is updated, there are still some SEOER considerations.

Optimize picture alt text

For a long time, image alt text has been a valuable part of SEO.Over the past few years, there has been more and more discussion about Google's use of machine learning to understand what images are, but this is also the main function of image alt text.No matter what the image recognition program driven by artificial intelligence is, the website containing good image alt text will bring you some help.Machine learning is a relatively new concept. Although the image alt text may be completely obsolete in the next five to ten years (perhaps faster), optimizing your image in this way is a good and effective method.

The authority of content

Content "authority" has always been an important part of SEO.Google hopes to provide users with the most trusted and authoritative content based on their search queries.After the August 2018 update, people gradually began to realize that e-a-t (expertise, authority, credibility) of content should be given priority.A lot of people ask, "should we continue to focus on building authority on content?" the answer is obvious, and you should always be committed to creating authoritative content.It comes down to creating insightful, reliable content.Make it easy for ordinary users to consume, reference trusted data / information to support your claims, provide clear ideas, etc.Since the birth of the Internet, the creation of authoritative content has always been crucial.

For LSI keywords

Potential semantic analysis keywords do not directly affect your search ranking.However, taking the time to carefully select LSI keywords helps to cover the necessary information related to your target keywords and phrases.This, in turn, will help you get the ranking of those relevant search terms and avoid keyword filling penalties.If you don't use LSI keywords, it's hard for Google to determine the SEO relevance and overlap between your site's content.So instead of trying to reuse the same keywords and phrases throughout the content, it's better to include LSI keywords, which is crucial to help Google understand your message delivery and its relevance to user intentions.If used properly, LSI keywords will help site visitors find the answers they need and help Google better understand your content.

Every SEOER wants to have a better ranking on Google.But it's important to remember that maintaining a good online image is more important than search rankings.No matter how Google rules change, these SEO related things should not be ignored.This content will not have a negative impact on your website, and in many cases can also get more benefits for you.

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