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How to do a good job in Google AdWords advertising

2021-03-25 nine

Google AdWords refers to Google keyword advertising. When users actively search for relevant keywords in Google, the keyword advertising mechanism of Google will be triggered to display the advertising content set by advertisers. A variety of advertising forms, including text, pictures and video ads, can be selected Google Users who search on the.As the world's largest search engine, Google In the eyes of advertisers, the importance is self-evident, how to do well Google AdWords What about advertising?

Create an account and set advertising budget: first create an advertising account on Google's official website, and complete the account creation according to the prompts.Then, according to the total amount of advertising budget and the expected display days, we can calculate the daily advertising budget, pre launch small amount of advertising, and calculate the cost of each click according to the conversion rate of click and product profit.

Planning Keywords: the keyword planning tool in Google AdWords can better help advertisers choose keywords.Through the keyword planning tool, we can get the search heat and the commercial value of the keywords every month by word, website, phrase or category, and find the appropriate advertising keywords.We can also add additional keywords to the existing advertising activities, see the past performance of the keyword or lyrics, and estimate the performance of keyword advertising. For some highly competitive keywords, we can choose to eliminate them and give up. We will invest in smaller and more valuable long tail keywords under the limited advertising budget, and formulate better bidding strategies.

Analyze the target users and set up the advertising plan: because Google decides whether the advertisement is displayed or not based on the "quality score", the relevance of the advertisement also has a lot to do with the bid.Therefore, for the users in the advertising area and location area, we should roughly describe the user profile, analyze the age, gender, hobbies, income and other multidimensional data of the target users, select the keywords that want to compete after research and set the bid.

Designing and placing advertisements: thinking about the positioning and competitive advantages of products and listing the differences between products and competitors can provide more experiences and services that the target users can't do by their competitors.To move the user's heart with short and accurate advertising copy, and attract users to click with more creative advertising.

Optimize landing page and statistical conversion rate: the purpose of advertising is to attract more traffic for the website, but the ultimate goal is to let users promote products or services "Pay", so the landing page design optimization is very important, we should pay attention to the page is simple, do not put too many movies, flash animation, or very fancy design in the website home page.At the same time, we should track the conversion effect of each advertising campaign through data, and make timely adjustments.

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