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How to mine high quality long tail keywords

2021-04-12 eight

The importance and advantages of long tail keywords need not be said. The competition of long tail words is small and the purpose is strong.No matter how the website's main keyword ranking, the role of long tail keywords can not be ignored, relying on long tail keywords to obtain traffic is a very normal thing.Long tail keyword search people less, but the competition is small, ranking easy to do.If the website does a thousand long tail keywords, even if each long tail word brings 10 IP every day, 1000 long tail words have 10000 IP, the traffic is really amazing.

Long tail words are the performance of netizens' search habits. If a browser wants to find a specific product, then he is likely to use long tail words, because the more search conditions given, the higher the accuracy, and the higher the income brought to the website.So how to know the search habits of Internet users? Sintowseo summarized several methods for you.

Baidu knows, search and ask and other Q & A platforms.

Almost every time we search for a word, there will be a question related to the word, and the ranking is generally higher.Let's not say how much weight Baidu knows about Baidu, we only analyze the search habits of netizens.If we understand the needs of Internet users, know their search habits, and throw in what they like, how can the traffic of the website not go up.

Second, Google keyword tools

Google keyword tool:, a free online tool provided by Google. This tool is a reference tool provided by Google to advertisers for keyword competition. Some of them are representative, but they can't be guaranteed to be very accurate.First, how do you want to generate keyword promptsSelect descriptive words or phrases, and then enter the core keywords extracted from the long tail keywords in the keyword or phrase box.

Here I take "SEO" to view, see the long tail keywords related to SEO (I will not say in English): SEO method, SEO external link, SEO outer chain, SEO keyword, pseudo static SEO.

Third, inspiration

Just as poets and artists need inspiration in their creation, mining long tailed keywords sometimes also needs inspiration. An idea occasionally flashed in the mind and a sentence inadvertently raised by a friend may remind you of a word. Maybe this is exactly what netizens need to search and solve.If you can make this thought run through your life, the flow will follow.

Fourth, analyze peers

There is almost no unique business in the world. No matter what you do, there will be peers, competitors and certainly more than one.What keywords they use to attract visitors, and how their keywords are arranged, we can analyze them carefully and always get the answer. We can integrate the long tail keywords of several websites, because the competition of long tail keywords itself is not very big, they can be copied, and the ranking will not be worse than them.

Fifth, look at the background statistics

After a period of operation of the website, we can mine long tail keywords through website statistics.In the website statistics background, find the search engine keyword column, which shows the keywords that users search when they enter your website, and screen out the phrases with large traffic and long survival time, and conduct secondary optimization to improve the traffic and conversion rate.

Sintowseo believes that SEO is not lack of methods, the lack of direction, as long as careful observation, methods will always exist, as long as perseverance, there is nothing wrong with SEO.

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