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How to use Twitter to promote

2021-03-11 ten

On many social media platforms, Twitter Known for its short and focused messages.It works with the most common social media tools( Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn and YouTube )It can be used together.And Facebook Compared to each Twitter Will reach each follower's feed This is related to Facebook Of EdgeRank The filters are different. According to incomplete statistics, Twitter At least monthly six point nine Online purchases, not monthly four point three Online purchase.In addition, there are 49% 'their purchase decisions were directly affected after viewing the content on twitter.Twitter allows you to interact with your target audience and win.By attracting users, twitter can present your products in the most positive way. Twitter E-commerce opportunities are almost unlimited.Recommend the most effective way to promote product sales on, SINTOWSEO Will share with you how to use it Twitter To do marketing promotion.Now let's take a closer look at how to use it in your business Twitter To promote their products.

1、 Make the most of your personal data

one Show your brand

Your Twitter Account and profile are you Twitter The foundation of experience.You can take this opportunity to tell your business story to all your followers.because Twitter 's presence is the same as other online tools that help people identify their business and build trust, so we recommend choosing account names and images that are consistent with their other social networks and brands.

two Choose your Twitter user name

Take a small business as an example Twitter The user name matches the domain name of your website.We recommend that you choose between your personal name (best for professionals) and your company name.If your exact company name is not available, choose a similar name to be consistent.

three Profile picture

Twitter Use two different images (profile image and cover image) to display your account.It's important to use these two images to tell your business story. Twitter Profile photos are shown in each of the photos you send Twitter The square photo next to it.You can use your company logo or profile picture as your profile picture. Twitter The title of your profile is a great background picture where you can tell a story about your business.Like yours Facebook Like the cover photo, your profile photo will be displayed at the top of the profile page.

2、 Build a solid foundation

Complete your Twitter Account profiles are important, and each feature provides more detailed information about your business, which will help tell your brand story.Consider the following three important positions to the others Twitter Users display important information about your business: location of profile, website and bio part.

one Location of personal data

Tell people where to find you.People can come from other cities, states or countries / Regions access your profile without having to search separately on the home page or the home page name.Therefore, please give them enough information so that they can find you.

two website

You can share a URL with the home page and let followers see your site or blog.If Twitter Users are interested, which is a good way to provide more information and focus on your business.

You only have one hundred and sixty Characters can tell people who you are and what you do.So tell everyone to pay attention to the benefits you can get and add something personal to make your profile more vivid.

3、 Start paying attention to others

When you focus on another Twitter When you subscribe, you can immediately read the content sharing.So please evaluate the people you care about, especially at the beginning.An easy way to track new users is to find their profile and click follow Button.

Twitter There are strict rules for accounts that click wildly, so please note that due to suspicious activity, avoid being closed in the first week.

It's important to remember that your twitter experience is determined by the people you follow, not by the people who follow you.Therefore, please pay attention to your choice of concerns, so as not to cause subsequent problems surrounded by spam.

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