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How to use linkedln to do SEO and obtain customers?

2020-12-17 four

LinkedIn Different from other search engine optimization, the user in the LinkedIn On and in Google The keywords entered in the search service and enterprise are different.Users generally put LinkedIn Use it as a social platform, not as a search engine.As a result, users use statements to match the positions of customers.

Like the word staff will be in Google Application in Creative copywriting service project for small and medium sized enterprises And similar keywords, but they're in LinkedIn You may enter Creative copy or Network writer

But I don't know, no matter where the customer is Google Is it a long tailed keyword or a short tailed word, LinkedIn Personal data may appear in the ranking of search pages.So I suggest you use it SEO Keywords and LinkedIn SEO Keywords to optimize your profile at the same time.

How to find key words

Want your profile to find SEO Key words, it is necessary to carry out scientific research on keywords, just like looking for keywords for independent websites.

Where do you want your profile ranking to be ? Will this ranking increase search volume?Is there a rich search index, is the market competition too high ? Whether the keywords conform to the retrieval intention of the overall target audience group ? These are all questions you need to consider.

You need to make a list of keywords that have a valid search index.From this list, you can start LinkedIn SEO Keyword science, and then you can merge your profile with that keyword.

At present, the market has not been able to LinkedIn On the application of keywords show search index data information tools.So it's not a hard science.However, if you are good at using SEO, you can master it LinkedIn The basic principle of keyword operation.

one Search for the keywords most relevant to the service you present

application LinkedIn To search for the most appropriate terminology for your business.

two Query detailed results

At the bottom of the result list, there is an item "all results of query" to query the detailed results page, including all results related to this keyword, including vip Members, positions, enterprises, contents, etc.

three Key words in the analysis results.

You need to analyze competitors and you need to analyze rankings as well top The use of keywords in the group profile.To analyze how your keywords are used in your profile.Make clear the audience of keywords.

In the example above, we can see that most of the personal introductions start with keywords“ SEO” There are also “SEO strategist” And it's often used.

Sort out the key words.Then, type this keyword into the input box to see what results will appear.

four Refer to your SEO Keyword list

Finally, you should put your LinkedIn SEO Keyword list with your regular GoogleSEO Keyword list expansion comparative analysis.

Are there overlapping words?If you have them, save LinkedIn Is the keyword suitable for Google ?Whether to replace the keywords with high total traffic and low market competition?

Finally, you get a mixed list of keywords that can be downloaded at the same time LinkedIn and Google Keywords that attract traffic.

Where keywords must be added

Job title

Personal profile

work experience

Professional skills

Usually, keywords can be added to the work experience in order not to miss some common keywords.

In addition, you need to analyze how these keywords are included in the ranking top In the profile of that group of people, and can learn from.Of course, if your profile is more creative, you don't have to follow it blindly.

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