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How to use LinkedIn for promotion

2021-03-10 six

LinkedIn is different from other platforms in that it is business oriented.If used well, it will bring more direct and efficient effects than Facebook and other tools.What's the reason for this? First of all, LinkedIn is very powerful. It basically covers such common functions as wechat's circle of friends, public account, website forum, online chat, etc.The most important thing is that LinkedIn can be said to be a collection of key people. You can find a lot of key people you can't find before.In foreign countries, it can be said to be the business card of the workplace.I'm not used to it for the first time, but it's very easy to use it after being really proficient.So how to make use of LinkedIn to promote it, sintowseo will tell you!

one Improve valuable profile

If you want to have a good start on LinkedIn, the introduction is very important. Only if it looks like a compelling and valuable profile, more people will accept your friend's invitation.Of course, you must pay attention to the purpose of using LinkedIn. If the purpose is different, the profile should be different.For example, if you want to use LinkedIn as a recruitment website, the profile will focus on personal work, education, skills and so on.We do foreign trade. Generally speaking, the main purpose of using LinkedIn is to attract target customers to become our friends. Then the focus of the brief introduction should be the display of current work, the strength of the company, the characteristics of the products and their professional degree.

two Add enough friends

Adding as many friends as possible is a prerequisite for using LinkedIn well.Just like wechat without friends, no one can see the content no matter how good.So how do we find the target population?There are several basic ways to add friends, including on-site search, email and Google search engine.

three Personal dynamic update

We all play wechat. Just like the circle of friends, all friends can see the news, like, comment and forward.The general circle of friends is based on pictures and public account articles.So what's special about LinkedIn's update is that it can be attached with a link, and the link will automatically become a thumbnail and a brief description, and can be modified.This is more useful, can be combined with the company website.After the company's website publishes information, LinkedIn individuals can release relevant information and link to the company's website, which is equivalent to making an external chain for the website and draining the website at the same time. Users on LinkedIn can click the link to jump to the website, so that they can enter their own website and learn more about the company.

four Personal article update

Article update and dynamic update are different, it will have a good ranking in the search engine.Compared with dynamic update, it can write long articles and let users see it directly on LinkedIn.If you have to give an image metaphor, dynamic updates are like wechat circle of friends, and article updates are more like public accounts.But he is better than the public number is also included in the search engine.

five Set up company page

Like Facebook, LinkedIn's personal account can also create company pages. Of course, it is not necessary for every employee of the company to create a company page. A company can create a company page by the personal account of a major employee, or use the old board or foreign trade manager's to create a company page (I'll talk about this separately, if it's not the boss or the boss)When the manager's account is set up, it will be more troublesome for the staff to leave and it is easy to find the account number).Other employee accounts will be automatically linked to the company page as long as the company information is correct when filling in the work information in the profile.

That's what sintowseo brings to you.

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