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How to use Facebook to promote

2021-03-08 eight

As the most active overseas promotion channel, Facebook has more than 1.1 billion visitors per day, and the number is growing.So foreign trade enterprises must master how to use Facebook to develop foreign customers.Now sintowseo will give you a popular science about how to use Facebook to promote overseas.

1、 Website revision

First of all, you should add the official on the home page of the website facebook Address, add sharing function on each product page.Activity marketing, in the website, set up an activity area.Participants can click on this page Facebook Of “like” Button, and then share your story.

2、 Application development

According to the actual situation of the company, develop its own applications, such as Product price inquiry In this way, the company's product quotation can be displayed to potential customers, so as to attract customers.

3、 Marketing strategy

be careful: Each type of product is operated with one account number, that is, the account number is only for this type of product, such as mechanical account, and clothing and other things are not allowed, but between each account number.

one )Locate friends

1. Friends of friends, first add some friends in the circle, it is best to have certain contacts in the circle, and then check their friends, and then step by step to expand your circle of friends.

2. Search, if your target audience is not very concentrated, not suitable for the first way, you can use the search function.

3. Attract others to actively add you, funny avatar, good product information, etc.

two Facebook Marketing skills

1. Make full use of personal information, facebook It is a communicative community. People like to look for people or things they are interested in. So how to write a personalized information that makes people bright at this time is what we must study.

2. Put all kinds of pictures and information about the website in the graffiti wall and photo folder, Facebook The graffiti wall is very similar to China's microblog, which can let you write your current mood.

3. Pictures, in addition is the common photo folder, usually everyone makes the website promotion picture and the website logo It can come in handy.

4. Keep it up-to-date, you must keep your facebook All kinds of information, including blog article updates, can continue to attract traffic.

5. How do you get active facebook The home page attracts more people's attention, or leaves the deepest impression.You can't wait. You have to be active.To participate in other people's blog sharing, participate in all kinds of circles.

6. Arrange your home page, Facebook The application is very flexible, arrange the application you need and make full use of it rss The submit function of.

7. Add friends, friends can not be blindly increased, to have a targeted and purposeful to add, for example, you are selling bags site, then we should join and handbags, fashion, young women's group, because the main body here is our target customer group, after entering the relevant groups, in our own home page, photos, more photos of interest and insideSoon, you will have hundreds of friends. With these friends, it is not a problem to get some valuable traffic.

8. Create an activity.

9. Determine which apps you need, Facebook Choose what you're good at and need most on the home page, such as link publishing and blogging.

10. Use facebook The advertising alliance of, Facebook The internal advertising alliance that provides its website can also be said to be ppc This function belongs to the paid function. We can see whether we want to make alliance advertising according to the actual situation.

11. Build your own circle, for example China Machinery circle , often publish some promotional activities, the latest product information, product introduction, etc., to attract the attention of potential customers.

12. Colleagues interact with each other, and all colleagues in the company become each other facebook Friends, when a colleague sent a message, other colleagues should take the initiative to reprint, comment and so on facebook People will be more popular.

13. Write a log, the log is a soft text, the content should include the relevant product links.

14. To update the status, some promotion plans are written in a log, which seems a little fussy. At this time, you can send a status to pass it slightly. If you feel that the status takes up too little space and is not easy to attract attention, it is better to add more emoticons.

15. Auto reply, Facebook There are many plug-in games, many of these games have automatic reply notification function, make good use of these automatic reply, put your advertisement.

16. Create a special page, such as select brand and product.

The above is the sintowseo to bring you the answer, interested friends or want to know more friends welcome to consult.
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