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How to build foreign trade station from zero to one

2020-12-08 eight

01 Website content quality is the key

As the media of traffic promotion, stand alone B2B Play a role in marketing promotion form a connecting link between the preceding and the following The quality of website content is the key to the retention of traffic and the profit of advertising investment.Compared with B2C , export and foreign trade B2B The cycle from marketing promotion to order conversion is relatively long, online promotion is more complex and requires higher professional.The whole procurement workflow of customers will go through three stages: total flow, website interaction and marketing. Standing here independently is responsible for one step Total flow commitment - Foreign trade inquiry conversion - Responsible for marketing Media of important links.This year, due to the new epidemic situation, the opportunities for offline promotion and investigation and public communication in the exhibition have been greatly reduced. Therefore, the purchasing chamber of Commerce evaluates the comprehensive strength of enterprises through independent stations, and an independent station with high-quality content is particularly important.

The difference between marketing website and exhibition website is that marketing website is different from general exhibition website B2B The promotion and marketing requirements of foreign trade enterprises are more matching.The marketing website can grasp the attraction of overseas customers through the content layout and detailed design of the website, effectively display the advantages of the enterprise, and obtain the effective information of the target customers through the inquiry setting.

The content layout of high quality marketing website should consider the following aspects:

one According to the requirements of different types of customers, the content is prepared and layered according to the requirements and habits of target customer groups.From the perspective of customers, clarify the type of customers.

two Taking four dimensions of products, services, cases and solutions as the starting point, the website content is planned by integrating industry characteristics.

three Combine the target culture and customer language habits to make localized expression.

four As the focus of enterprise content, the website should ensure the unity of content.

five Continuously updated.According to the statistical analysis results of website data, the content countermeasures are continuously adjusted and optimized.

The content of the website is

02 Channel is the key

How to market and promote the website?

one Marketing promotion plan needs overall planning

Early planning and analysis is often ignored, which is a common fault of many foreign trade enterprises in the promotion, so the promotion effect in the later stage is not ideal.Foreign trade enterprises should do a good job in the preliminary investigation before the establishment of the station, refer to the promotion methods of competitors, determine the marketing objectives, marketing team, cost budget, and then plan the promotion and release scheme

two application 3W Establish standard delivery strategy

3W It refers to: who are the overall target customers of the launch( WHO )What are the channels for getting information habitually( WHICH )What needs to be done to be seen and transformed( WHAT )。The basis of foreign trade enterprises 3W Standard, find the target user portrait and the best way to put it, so as to develop a more effective and accurate marketing plan.

three Accurately match marketing promotion channels

Selecting the right channel, flexibly using the characteristics, standards and delivery skills of each channel is the key to achieve the best effect and sustainable optimization in the whole process of launching.Usually, the foreign sales market is huge and complicated. Different countries and regions, different cultural characteristics, and different delivery channels have different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, a lot of efforts should be put into research and implementation. Therefore, it can be handed over to professionals to get information exposure quickly in a short time.

four Grasp the timing of marketing and promotion

When the budget is adjusted, most companies will start to accumulate advertising data.In the process of advertising, the strategy and budget must be adjusted at any time according to the characteristics of different channels and advertising forms and the performance of the data.

five Pay attention to statistical analysis of data

Analysis of the results of data dissemination and marketing promotion

Channel is the key

03 Continuous optimization and adjustment

For online promotion, the control of the actual effect is always the most concerned problem of foreign trade enterprises.From the accurate promotion of advertising, customer browsing, inquiry conversion, and the transaction cycle of foreign trade enterprises is longer, so every link is very important, and must be continuously optimized and adjusted according to the actual effect.

For experienced overseas website building and promotion companies, they can adjust the website details according to customers' visiting habits, optimize the advertising and website experience by putting data on each platform, and continuously optimize according to the customer path to increase the number of inquiries.

In the long run, independent station is very suitable for long-term investment for enterprises, but it is not easy to do a marketing foreign trade website with high-quality inquiry. From website construction, promotion and drainage, continuous optimization, inquiry conversion, enterprises need to spend a lot of time and energy.

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