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How to create LinkedIn Homepage

2021-01-08 twenty-five

establish Linkedin The company's homepage is equivalent to the company's voice platform in LinkedIn, which helps to enhance the company's image and brand.

Step 1: log in to the official website of LinkedIn, click the "more" drop-down menu in the upper right corner, and click "create company homepage"

Part 2: select the type of home page to create:

      small business

      Large and medium sized enterprises

      Product zone

      educational services

The third part: after selecting the home page type, according to the page prompts, continue to add "home page information", "company information", "file details", etc.

Part 4: after filling in the information, check the verification box and click "create zone".

So your company home page is created.

Then you can go to your company's homepage to improve the company's content.

It's not difficult for LinkedIn to create a company's homepage. The real difficulty lies in how to increase the attention?To ensure the value of the company's home page.

Here are some strategies to help you improve your home page's attention.

1: Company files should be filled in completely.

The main contents of the company's archives are as follows:


      Company description

      Website address

      company size


      Company type


logo Is the representative of the company's brand image, upload the image must be clear, high resolution.A complete company profile can make the company page look more reasonable and legal, and help to improve the company's image.

2: Keep regular and healthy content publishing

According to LinkedIn statistics, enterprises that post at least once a month get followers faster than those who don't six More than times.The contents can be published as follows:

      Be descriptive

      Have attractive pictures

      Have tags that increase the visibility of content to new audiences

      use RSS source

3: Colleagues or company employees help spread

The integrity of LinkedIn's personal files of colleagues or company employees is the most direct and simple way to spread corporate influence and brand image.If your company has sixty And each person's LinkedIn information is completely filled in, which is equivalent to that your company has on LinkedIn sixty Profile, it can make your company more effective in LinkedIn's search results.

4: Using the company's website

Adding social media buttons or LinkedIn "follow" buttons on the company's website can help each other cross promote.

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