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Summary of overseas social media classification and operation methods

2021-03-12 twelve

Overseas social media is an important promotion channel for corporate brands to gain popularity overseas.So let's take a look at the social media and operation methods overseas with sintowseo.

According to the latest report "future social" released in September 2020 by weare social, the world's largest social media professional communication company, based in London, the number of global social media users has increased by 360 million to 2.67 billion, accounting for 73.6% of the global Internet users.In particular, the generation born from 1995 to 2012 has a strong consumption power. As "real digital indigenous people", social media has become an important part of their life. Only by understanding the users can they better meet the needs of users and the products can be successful.Therefore, it is very important to operate overseas social media.

1、 What are overseas social media?

Common social media marketing platforms mainly refer to Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube, snapchat, Tumblr, etc.But in fact, sintowseo believes that in addition to the above major platforms, social media marketing also includes forum marketing, blog marketing, Q & a community marketing, etc.Especially for products with certain professional threshold or content barriers, such as electronics, software and content platforms like novels, it is especially suitable.

2、 Why operate overseas social media?

"No social contact, no marketing". The role of overseas social media marketing in overseas operation is equivalent to the status and influence of wechat in domestic product marketing.Different from email marketing, social media is not only used to obtain customers, but also has the following three functions:

1. Brand marketing. The official account number of overseas social media is just like the wechat public account. It is a platform for displaying enterprise brand and transmitting brand information. For example, Facebook homepage is an important platform for users to understand enterprise brand.Therefore, blindly pushing product advertising information on social media will give users the impression of "psoriasis" advertising platform, but it will be counterproductive.The operation of overseas social media should be able to establish a good brand image.

2. User communication: compared with the domestic market, one of the difficulties in overseas market is to understand the real needs of users. Unlike in the domestic environment, we can understand users' needs and information in various ways. Therefore, social media is an important channel to understand users' opinions and needs.For example, we need to know how much users like several products, so as to determine the products and promotion strategies. We can conduct a survey on users through social media to collect users' opinions.If the platform has a group of high-quality fans, it can quickly complete the collection of user opinions.

3. Website and app drainage, whether cross-border e-commerce or Internet offshore enterprises, want to drain through social media.However, as mentioned above, many people's mistakes are that after opening their social media accounts, they can't wait to release their product information, and all kinds of advertisements come.This is a wrong understanding, because only by accumulating fans can we drain through social media.Here's the formal posture for running social media.

3、 How to operate overseas social media?

1. Select different social media platforms according to the marketing needs, and make clear the primary and secondary operation platforms

Different social media have different user groups, so we should choose the appropriate social media according to the target user profile.For example, LinkedIn and twitter are the best for B2B marketers; pinterest and Youtube are more appropriate choices for B2C users.For the products of young users whose target users are overseas, it is necessary to always know what kind of social media young people like best, because the social media that young people like represents the wind vane of the latest fashion trend.Therefore, offshore enterprises should select social media with similar user profiles according to their product target user profiles, including age, gender, distribution country, etc.

2. The content is king and the image of "expert" is established

If you want to attract and establish a brand image through social media, you need to accumulate a group of loyal fans on the social media platform. Why should fans pay attention to your homepage?Because your content can meet their needs and provide them with convenience and happiness.Just as young people in China are addicted to brushing wechat circle of friends or shaking sound, overseas young people spend a lot of time on snapchat, instagram, Facebook and other social media every day.To connect with target users on social media, brands need to publish content that is relevant to them.The principle that content is king is universally applicable. Only by providing interesting and informative content related to the product can we attract the attention and interaction of target users

3. UGC and self propagation of user content through giveaway and other activities

The idea of giveaway activity is to set some rules to let users pay attention to, like or comment on a post, or encourage users to post creative photos with their own products, and then select the first few users for reward.Generally take their own products as prizes, which can play a promotional effect.Giveaway helps bring in high-quality fans quickly.A cross-border e-commerce seller launched a giveaway event on Halloween, with hundreds of forwarding times.If the number of forwarding is relatively high, the groups related to fans may see more new and larger, and the dissemination is better than simply sending content every day.Moreover, this kind of Facebook or instagram fans absorbed through activities will be more effective - fans will know more clearly what the object of "like" behavior is, and the formed user relationship is relatively close, rather than the subsequent "powder drop" phenomenon caused by the loose connection of random likes

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