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Overseas SEO to promote the ability of an excellent foreign trade personnel

2020-11-23 eleven

1、 Willpower

Marketing people know that you need to put up with a customer who doesn't have one at the beginning.Because many people who have just entered the field of marketing are eager for success, it is impossible to persevere. It is very likely that you need to endure a month, a half year or even a year before you start to accumulate some customers, so that your sales performance and revenue can be relatively improved.

2、 Self control ability

In many cases, the marketing personnel work alone. They have to search for customers, maintain and maintain customers every day. This is not likely to be carried out completely under the supervision of leading cadres. The only way for the company to operate is to report daily reports and report on their work. However, it is easy to be lazy.With this kind of self-improvement regulations and excellent automation control ability, we can get good training.

3、 Communication skills

Communication is an indispensable ability of marketing personnel, and communication has two meanings: one is to accurately collect the other party's information, master the other party's true intention, and accurately transmit its own information to the other party; the other is to use appropriate communication methods ( Such as intonation, tone, small expression, expression, way of speaking, etc ) It's very easy to make an agreement with each other.

4、 Insight

Observation is not a simple look. The first lesson of many marketing personnel is to learn how to "see" the sales market. This view is not a casual visit, but a careful observation and discovery of key information with technical professional vision and professional knowledge.

The marketing staff is also the information feedback staff of every company. It is a major post responsibility of the marketing personnel to carefully observe and obtain a lot of accurate information feedback.

5、 Analytical power

Analysis and observation are closely linked. Observation obtains information and makes conclusions.What can you analyze by looking at the products on the storage shelves ? The products that are put on the best place should be inconvenient, which is the best type of marketing, and inconvenient is the main product of the manufacturer at this time ; According to the analysis of the delivery date, the closer the delivery date is, the more normal the marketing and operation of the product is. If the delivery date is too long, it indicates that the product belongs to the overstocking situation ;

6、 Executive capacity

Executive ability reflects the professional ability of marketing personnel, but also a kind of spiritual essence of not reaching the goal.No hard work can't be called a daily task, and what everyone can do will not reflect your use value.So execution is not about marketing people looking for things, it's just that you try to achieve results.The result is what your leading cadres are most concerned about, that is, the reflection of your ability.

7、 Action power

The professional knowledge that marketing personnel must touch is quite common. From marketing professional knowledge to accounting, management methods and related fields, it can be said that marketing is definitely the market competition of "professional ability". It is impossible to participate in market competition without strong learning and training ability to deal with so many professional knowledge and information.

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