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Analysis of overseas brand marketing strategy

2021-08-11 nine

In 2021, it is believed that the marketing budget of most enterprises will be reduced. It is believed that every foreign trade enterprise is closely concerned about how to realize the effect of effective budget.

1: Foreign trade enterprises love and hate Google ads

Although there are more and more restrictions on Google ads platform and the cost is higher and higher, its traffic conversion rate is still the same.

As we all know, advertising relevance and landing page experience are important factors that affect advertising cost and customer experience in Google ads.

Therefore, we need to continue to optimize, improve the quality and accuracy of advertising, which can improve the traffic conversion rate and customer rate.

2: Did you use social media?

Social media is a very good platform for foreign trade enterprises to gain more brand exposure, improve brand image, and even directly transform.

What do we need to pay attention to when using social media?

1: All major social media should "share the rain and dew". Objectively speaking, the more channels we have for brand and content dissemination, the better, because we may have potential customers on any platform.

2: Making full use of third-party tools, we can use the third-party tools to publish the content with one click, saving time and effort.

3: Interaction with KOL: KOL's own traffic will bring us unexpected surprise.

4: Interaction with fans: it can improve the user's good impression of the brand, increase the stickiness of fans, and improve the loyalty of users to the brand.

3: At least 2-3 copywriting and 2-3 videos per week

In the field of SEO, an article can contain n keywords, but the efficiency is relatively low.Video can make up for this defect, with high efficiency and good ranking.

From the user's point of view, some people like text, others like video.We can not be limited to one mode of communication, but should be a two pronged approach, so as to ensure that no one likes to lose users.

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