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Overseas station construction and promotion ushered in new changes!Do you know about article indexing and natural language processing?

2020-11-30 seven

Google's recent announcement to expand the use of the natural language understanding algorithm means that the algorithm will largely determine what content will appear in the search.And this algorithm will directly affect our content and website optimization processing.

What is the impact of this change?

Rank paragraphs in search results

At this stage, Google has published a database index based on paragraphs, which will enable Google to identify individual paragraphs on a web page and resolve them into paragraphs that are likely to be most relevant to a given view, even if they are not part of the theme style of the page.


BERT View from all 10% Upgrade to near 100%

BERT Is a natural language pre training technology based on neural networks, Google and bing Search uses it to be able to better distinguish words and sentences before and after the text.Today, Google search can apply this function to almost all English views, compared with the first time Google announced the app in October last year BERT Only one tenth of the query function has been greatly improved.This is more common BERT Application will enhance Google's understanding of the content and its retrieval purpose.


Improvement of spelling errors

basis Google The data information shows that nearly one tenth of the keyword search spelling is incorrect.In order to better improve the retrieval experience of this kind of view, Google also applies the development of language understanding level to simulate special situations of spelling errors, such as the ability to identify spelling errors or incorrect English case of English words according to the context.If you want to optimize for these spelling errors, this change, which will be released at the end of the month, will significantly reduce your workload.

in the light of SEO And Google search what harm?


Focus on the audience, not Baidu search engine crawler.

"If there's anything different, it's that this upgrade has led us to a new world, where we can focus a lot of our attention on customers, not robot processes, from the perspective of content and ranking," said Dr. Peter Myers, a corporate strategy managerBut from a technical point of view SEO From the perspective of Google smart robot, we still need to make the website more friendly to Google intelligent robot.

Search engines like hot current events and their more focused content will make SEO A new way of thinking emerged —— The search engine should be in a position of mutual influence between search engines and content.

"If this algorithm can understand the relevance of paragraphs, we can solve this problem more and more easily," Myers said. "For example, you don't have to set up a page for every problem that visitors are likely to make clear

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