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Forbidden zone to be avoided in overseas station construction and promotion

2020-11-25 four

1: Prevention of technical copying


When Chinese enterprises set up overseas websites to promote, Chinese website development service platform is usually put into the overseas environment, which will be defiant.The technical architecture is old and outdated, does not consider the function requirements of the website, is not convenient to connect with foreign third-party system software, and is not compatible.


2: Ignore the importance of website overseas promotion


Chinese customers are used to shopping on the shopping platform, while foreign customers are still used to shopping through the Google Search the keywords of the products you need to search for products, and shop through the online shopping platform.Therefore, at the beginning of the construction of foreign trade company website or the whole process of website optimization, we should never neglect to do it Google SEO and Facebook/Twitter/Instagram And other social network promotion methods.


3: Ignore the different aesthetic views and visiting habits of overseas customers


The visiting habits and aesthetics of overseas customers are quite different from those of Chinese customers. Take the more basic font style in website production. Chinese customers are accustomed to Song typeface, while overseas customers are accustomed to Roman style.For example, the opening mode of web page dialog box, the layout of web page, the compatible mode of computer browser, etc., the design of Chinese and overseas websites is also very different.


4: It is not clear how to maintain and operate


After the website is built, it is not the end. The later operation and maintenance, how to set keywords, how to solve foreign data control, etc., are equally important, and each link should be taken care of one by one.


No matter how appropriate the lightning protection is, it can't be compared with the one-stop overseas promotion scheme


From the aspects of early investigation, data analysis, planning, design, development, production, maintenance and network promotion, it is not easy to build enterprise website. It is a complicated and long process, especially for foreign websites.Therefore, it is particularly important to select service providers with strong overall strength for overseas station construction. two thousand and twenty Affected by the new crown epidemic, although the development of many industries slowed down, the processing and manufacturing enterprises did speed up the overseas promotion.At this time, it is the most important thing for enterprises to grasp the opportunity and select more reasonable overseas promotion methods.


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