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SEO Optimization: how to choose high value keywords?

2020-09-16 forty-seven

Choosing the right keywords is one of the most skillful links in SEO. Only by choosing the right keywords can the website SEO go to the right direction.The website needs not only traffic, but also effective traffic, which can bring the traffic of orders.So how to choose the right high-value keywords?


Many enterprises believe that the best keywords are the words with the most search times and the least competition, so as to ensure that SEO The lowest cost and high traffic.But the reality is that most of the keywords searched are also the most competitive keywords.High value keywords should be through a large number of detailed keyword mining, expansion, listing the number of search elements and the degree of competition data, from which the search frequency is relatively large, the competition is relatively small.


The main key words can not be too long, too broad, nor too short, too special.The key words are broad, the competition is too big, the cost is high, the search intention is not clear, and the conversion rate will be reduced.If the main keyword is too special and too long, the search times will be greatly reduced, even no one will search.

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