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Specific operation process of Facebook

2021-03-23 seven

Facebook is the largest social network service website in the world. It was launched in 2004 mainly to meet the mutual communication between college students and the entertainment and leisure experience in daily life.Up to now, it has developed into a portal website which provides a platform for any user to have a dialogue, show themselves and express their personalized needs.Sintowseo learned that with the increasing number of Facebook users, its use is no longer limited to purely providing social services, and more and more enterprises have begun to attract customers and promote their brands through Facebook.Nowadays, many domestic foreign trade enterprises have begun to use Facebook to do foreign trade

Facebook Benefits to the enterprise: 1. Users are easier to find when searching for enterprise products or services; 2. More closely connected with customers and potential customers; 3. Creating a communication community for the enterprise itself; 4. More direct promotion of the resources created by the enterprise.

How to set up a Facebook profile page

In Facebook, profiles refer to personal account information pages, while pages refer to enterprise account information pages.The main difference between the two is: enterprise page allows multiple administrators to manage together, that is, even if one of the administrators leaves, the normal operation of the page will not be affected.In addition, before the enterprise page is created, the system requires the creator to divide the enterprise type, which can help the enterprise to be listed more easily in the related search.Facebook also provides users with the function of "become friends". Being friends of individual users needs mutual recognition, while becoming corporate users' followers (fan) does not need to be approved by managers.

The following sintowseo will introduce in detail how to set up user profile pages, and how to contact friends and share information.

Step 1: sign up for an account : log in to and apply for a free account.(Chinese page can be selected after login).

Step 2: edit your homepage: Click the "profile" link at the top left of the page, and then click "Edit" under the "info" tab.Fill in the basic information, contact information, work / education experience, etc.The more comprehensive the information provided, the easier it will be for your friends to retrieve you, and the easier it will be for you to apply through friends.

Step 3: join the network: Click the "Settings" link at the top right of the page, and then select "account setting" and "networks" in order.Join the network that you are interested in, you will be able to meet more like-minded friends.You can and can only join one regional network and up to five school or company networks, and each requires a corresponding email address.In addition, joining the network can also facilitate the retrieval of users.

Step 4: contact friends: Facebook was founded to better connect with friends, family and colleagues. Therefore, the website provides many ways for users to establish initial contact.First, click the "friends" link at the top left of the page, and then select "find friends".You can then import the contact list or add them one by one.After finding a friend, click "add as a friend". The system will send a confirmation letter to your friend. Once your friend confirms your application, you will become friends on Facebook and can start sharing information.

Step 5: Information Sharing: Facebook provides a broad platform for users to share information. Open your Facebook homepage or your profile page, and then enter the content you want to share with your friends in the small box above the page.The content you enter will be immediately posted to the "wall" tab on your personal page and displayed in the form of "news feed" on your friends page.

Step 6: use the application: After completing all the above steps, I believe you can start to use facekook and its various programs, including "photo album", "event", "movie" and so on.Click "applications" at the top left of the bottom bar of your personal page, and then select one of your interests to start interacting with your friends.

How to advertise on Facebook

Facebook allows companies to attract more fans and win potential customers for the sales department through publicity. The method and management tools for advertising are very similar to the interface of Google AdWords

Step 1: open the page, log in and click "create an ad", fill in the external link, title, advertising words according to the content of the advertisement, and choose to load pictures.If you want to advertise the content on Facebook, click the link in the picture box, then select the content of the advertisement and fill in the corresponding information.

Step 2: fill in the target user and billing method according to the demand.Target users can be divided according to location, age, gender and interest, and the billing method can be calculated by click through rate or browse rate.In general, it is recommended to pay by click rate. Although the number of views of advertisement is very large, the real click through rate is not high. Therefore, it can achieve the initial effect of advertising on the one hand and reduce the cost of advertising on the other hand.

Finally, click "review ad" at the bottom of the page, and sort the ads reasonably.Facebook has a built-in system to analyze the number of ads displayed, click through rate and click through rate, which can help users determine which advertising capital investment rate is the highest and is most suitable for enterprise pages.

Conclusion At this point, I believe you must have a better understanding of Facebook, and want to join the big community immediately.Keep in mind that Facebook, like your business, is constantly updated and requires your constant exploration to better apply it to marketing and better serve the enterprise.

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