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What are the rules and factors affecting the ranking of Google promotion in Dalian

2021-01-18 seven

If you want to get traffic and inquiries through Google promotion, you need to optimize your foreign trade website and get keyword ranking in Google, then you should first understand the Google ranking rules and what factors affect Google ranking?

What do search engines want?

Google doesn't care what kind of enterprise scale and effective target you are. Search engines have their own rules and principles. They judge a website by the following factors: accessibility. Before search engines rank your website, they need to be able to access them.Quality content, which means relevant, original and useful content, provides the answers users are looking for when entering queries.Excellent user experience (UX), your website is an extension of the search experience, Google hopes to see excellent user experience from your web pages.Participation, high quality content and excellent user experience should allow users to stay on your website and interact with your content, which is exactly what search engines want to see.Optimize to make the page easy for search engines and users to understand all optimization points.In essence, you need to create rich and powerful content and a good experience, while covering the essentials of technology optimization.

How do search engines measure these things?

How to measure the vague standards of "quality content" and "good experience"?What data do search engines use to actually measure these fuzzy standards?According to Andrey lipattsev, Google's senior search quality strategist, the top three factors are content, links and rankbrain.Keywords, the days of getting rankings by simple keyword matching are over. Google's algorithm can match the relevance of your content to the context behind the user's search.You should combine keywords to provide more information that users really want to know.External links, although Google has hundreds of ranking factors in its core algorithm, links are still one of the top three factors.But we need to remember that link quality is more important than quantity, and get as many links as possible from high weight websites that are highly relevant to your products and services.UX signal, Google uses a combination of UX signals to see how good your web experience is.This includes load time, mobile device friendliness, site security encryption, content placement and site navigation.Interactivity: you can judge whether your foreign trade website has good interactivity by jumping out rate, average page stay time and visit time of each session.If users click to enter your website, quickly return to the results page and click on other websites, it means that the quality of your website is low, and the enterprise is also poor.

Of course, the above rules and standards mainly explain the general direction in principle, and more content is subdivided behind each rule. The 200 Google SEO indicators proposed by sintowseo can effectively help you get more search traffic.

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