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9 Tips to tell you how to build a high quality foreign trade website

2020-12-18 five

one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one World's first web page - The birth of the World Wide Web twenty-nine During the period, Internet technology has developed in an all-round way, and has changed people's living habits all over the world.People search, buy and keep in touch with people around the world through the website.The function of the website has also changed from display only to marketing website with more diversified and more functions.

Today, Dalian sentuo Information Technology Co., Ltd ten The necessary common sense of enterprise website, let your website turn into more effective and high quality marketing website.In order to bring more traffic, get more inquiries.

one The contact information of the enterprise must be displayed

Data show that there are forty-four %However, most enterprises are not aware of the harm.If you can't get the contact information, it will reduce the trust of the enterprise and increase the total number of visitors who quit the page.

two Web pages must maintain corporate image

Corporate image not only has Logo It also includes your language, font style, color matching, and even reasonable layout.The overall website to maintain the corporate image, not only helps to improve the brand tonality, but also helps to set (and manage) user expectations, so as to obtain a large number of potential customers and sales.

three Website loading speed must be fast

Google In the ranking, the website loading speed is the fastest three Seconds or less, which means that the website loading speed is Google The importance of ranking.Using too many plug-ins or websites containing very large images will affect the loading speed of websites. However, one of the biggest and simplest factors affecting the speed of websites is web hosting services.

four Must be installed SSL certificate

Since commercial websites are the source of customer information, commercial websites are always the target of hackers.Therefore, install SSL Certificates are essential, SSL The certificate can prevent users' privacy from being stolen and tampered, so as to avoid the loss caused by data leakage for enterprises.

five The navigation bar should be simple and easy to access

The logic of navigation bar in many enterprise websites is not clear and is not easy to access, which leads to poor user experience.In order to guide visitors better, when building navigation bar in the early stage of website construction, enterprises should try to consider the needs of visitors and guide visitors.

six The website can be retrieved

Being able to be retrieved is one of the factors that determine the quality of a website.However, many enterprises often make an important mistake, is after the establishment of the website to consider how to in the end Google Was retrieved from.It takes time for search engines to identify your website. In order to make customers find your website faster, you should consider it in the early stage of website establishment SEO 。For example: keywords H1 Content, description, etc.

seven Additional value of website

A high-quality website is not only a carrier to promote products and services, but also to provide valuable and sympathetic information to visitors.Generally, news, articles, etc. are released to improve the extra value of the website, which not only helps the website to be quickly retrieved, but also helps to improve the visibility of enterprises.

8. CTA The importance of

Every website should include bracket vocative terms( CTA )What are the appellative terms?The most common way is to press buttons, such as "contact us" and "inquiry", which are all the practical operations that you expect visitors to implement on your website, which may be to apply for registration or to carry out shopping.

nine Clear product or service display

When users visit the website, they can immediately master whether your products or services match their needs through the clear product or service display on the website, so as to promote the transformation.

There are many different elements in a good website.Whether you want to simply show your contact information, or to provide visitors with more value-added website, you need to finally create.

Never underestimate the ability of overseas websites to expand their business online. By providing visitors with what they want, you can get more inquiries and increase the international influence of enterprises.

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