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Some tips on Google Advertising in 2021

2021-04-01 seven

Google tends to add more automation and complexity to its advertising products, which can improve the efficiency of daily advertising management, and as a marketer, you need to better control your activities and strategies.Google's optimization won't be in your best interests, and they won't know what your brand background is.So in order to succeed in 2021, you have to learn to innovate: integrate more data, retain control over Google's automatic optimization, fight the increasing competition, and so on.Here are sintowseo's advice for you in 2021.

Pay more attention to customer intention

Google tends to be consistent in its advertising campaign.The more similar the performance of your keywords, the better the performance of the whole activity.This is the basic principle behind the popular single keyword ad group strategy (skags) a few years ago.But in practice, it can create serious problems.However, recently, Google has introduced some updates, such as matching type update, near variant and so on, which makes skags less important than before.So, what should we do if consistency is the key, but it brings huge disadvantages? As is often the case in marketing, we need to work according to common sense.In this case, the reference you use to group keywords should be the customer's intention.

Clean up advertising activities and reduce the waste of advertising expenditure

There are dozens of activities, hundreds of words of advertising copy and tens of thousands of keywords, if you want to pay attention to each advertising activity, you may be at a loss.But it's the key to your success.Underperforming spending represents part of your Google Advertising investment, with a low quality score or insufficient conversion.Over time, it becomes more time-consuming to maintain control of the advertising campaign as you add news terms and copies every day.In a few years, it can become unmanageable.To reduce wasteful spending, you must delve into two reports: quality score and search query report to analyze the search terms that trigger your ads.

Double your strengths

Usually, advertisers think that in order to increase sales, they must buy new keywords.While that's true, it's also important to make sure you have the largest market share on the most profitable keywords (except for brand traffic, of course)! The best way to make sure you don't lose any opportunities is to monitor your impression share on Google's advertising SERP.Missing impressions represent missed search opportunities related to the keywords you choose to bid for.You need to focus on the top 10 activities and check your competitors' market share. If you are not shown, then you need to monitor closely.

Make your ads more visible

Copywriting and visual effects play an increasingly important role in advertising.Because users are exposed to more than 6000 ads a day, you need to stand out and attract their attention.Creative quality accounts for as much as 80% of Facebook advertising, and we've seen a similar trend in Google Advertising.And the importance of vision is becoming more and more important on Google's ad network! The trick to optimizing your advertising and creativity is to follow statistical data.You never know which idea works best, but now you can easily test your guess.The number of tests is between 3 and 5.That is to say, test at least 3 and no more than 5 ads in an ad group.

Spend smarter, not more

Google is starting to catch up with Facebook from a user-centric perspective.Your expenses should not only be allocated at the keyword or location level, you must also take account of user information.Collect declarative information data from users, when and where they are online, and Google analyzes shared data and queries from past searches (for example, if a user searches for baseball scores, he is a sports fan).Considering the user information, make bid adjustment to obtain the most valuable audience.Additional tip: remember to look at the global level, and then in the most important activities, differentiation is important.

Making up your mind to change the work of the new year is valuable, but it is only the first step.If you want to have the most advanced Google advertising account all year round, the key is to maintain a stable working rhythm.

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